Glamberger Originals is a lifestyle brand founded by artist and activist Kitti Hamberger with the intent to transform the way that we think about waste.

Kitti has been a lifelong thrift store shopper and dumpster diving diva, first out of necessity because she grew up in poverty, and later in life because she realized the environmental impact of consumer culture. The price tags on cheaply manufactured goods do not reflect the true cost of our consumption. Plastic packaging from everyday commodities and textile waste from the fashion industry are among the largest contributors to climate change.

To combat this, Kitti redirects and transforms fabrics, packaging, discarded clothing and textile goods, furniture, and more from the waste stream into new products. Every accessory and garment from Glamberger Originals is made from salvaged, upcycled, or carefully selected sustainable fabrics. Every step of the way Kitti ensures that her creations are produced in the most mindful way possible, and she is always seeking to improve. And all of this while making fun, unique, and high quality goods that you can be proud to own.